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cure the review™ enhances productivity and staff engagement by aligning the business and its people, creating a feedback expectation and bringing people together to invite, accept and offer feedback.

how is cure the review™ delivered?

The framework is delivered by accredited facilitators from Graham Winter Consulting, our network of consulting partners and in-company certified specialists.

what are the core modules and related services?

The modules and services are delivered in three streams:

align with true north

Facilitated modules for managers and teams to create the essential alignment from business goals to individual behaviour. These modules facilitate "the why-what-how frames" described in the book, together with advice and coaching in how to replace or enhance the current review with two PDCA cycles and a new set of principles that transform the tired performance review.

equip for performance conversations

The most popular of the cure the review™ framework modules is:

  • everyone coaches: practising the art of the performance conversation.
    Delivered in engaging workshops over one or two days to managers, team leaders and staff, this module provides the essential skills in how to invite, accept and offer corrective and reinforcing feedback.

Two advanced modules are also popular particularly with organisations and teams who have already cured the ills and want to go to a higher level of performance.

  • real scripts: the art of the tough conversation
    This workshop uses the "REAL scripts" described in the book together with a model from the performing arts, to empower people to have those essential but often tough conversations.
  • feedback circles: transforming the feedback culture
    Facilitated colleague feedback for teams to lift performance to another level by making feedback and team debriefing integral to their day-to-day activities.

practical partnering tools

One of the most attractive aspects of cure the review™ is the suite of simple and practical tools that have been created to help managers, team leaders and staff with their performance conversations. Two that are offered in short workshop form are:

  • speed review
    How to use the speed review process as described in the book to foster two way feedback conversations between team leaders and staff on a one to two monthly basis
  • feedback expectation
    A workshop for managers and team leaders to guide them to create a partnership using the GET tool to align goals, establish expectations and build a sustainable trust-based relationship with their staff

Other tools such as RITE and REAL, debriefing forms, replacing position descriptions with why-what-how frames are included in the standard workshops or can be provided in separate coaching formats.