cure the review™ book

Written by best selling author of think one team Graham Winter, the cure the review book inspires managers, team leaders and staff to create a powerful feedback culture.

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cure the review™ shows how to:

  • eliminate the fear of feedback
  • create powerful two-way performance conversations
  • simplify the alignment from business goals to individual behaviour
  • replace feedback avoidance with a feedback expectation
  • hold tough conversations – about those 'elephants in the room'
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why cure the review?

The traditional performance review has had its day.

Can you think of any other business process that consumes so much time and resources, damages relationships, risks employee disengagement, generates ridicule and delivers as little value?

The cure the review™ framework transforms the review by firstly naming the three ills and then providing the prescription to cure the ills and to create a feedback culture in which performance conversations are a natural and valued part of daily life.

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resources and services

The cure the review™ framework created by best selling author and consultant Graham Winter offers:

  • facilitated development modules
  • practical tools and support resources
  • coaching and support services

These resources and services are available through Graham Winter Consulting, our network of accredited Facilitators and through in-house customisation and certification.

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